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How to make a Graphical Search and still keep the keyword in the title? Answered

When I want to search instructables related to love for example, I put "heart" in the searchbox and a lot of related instructables appear. Good.

The problem starts when I want to do a graphical search to actually see the project, but when I want it sorted by "Featured", "Views" or other thing, the search engine searches for the word "heart" in the whole instructable! If it's an instructable about a laser cutter for example, just because the ible' says in a step "You can make coins, hearts, etc etc......" the search engine automatically puts it on top of the list because it's featured.... How stupid is this?!?!?!

Can someone help me please? Thanks for your kind responses.



8 years ago

It's going to be hard to get around that in search, but you might be able to use tags. Most people aren't going to tag a laser cutter instructable as "heart" unless it's a prominent feature in the instructable.

If you find an instructable similar to what you want, look down the right hand side for tags, hopefully you'll find a useful one...


From there, you can still sort by featured, popular, etc. At the bottom of that page, you can also refine your search by adding additional keywords.

Does that help?