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How to make a Line-In switch for one pair of speakers? Answered

I'm livin with two room-mates and a kinda dream of us is to put speaker cables from each room to a switch and then further to a pair of speakers in the kitchen. The problem is that i only find switches for one Line-In and several pairs of speakers and not the reverse type model. As i dun have any further electronic skills, could sumone give a construction plan or a link to such, so that i know what parts i need to buy for soldering?


.  There's a real good chance you can wire up the switch boxes you mention "backwards" (cables from rooms to outputs, input to speaker) and it will work.

hm, ok, i didnt know, if that works as i expected there sum diodes, transformers or whatever that only works one-way - in the end thats why i'm askin...

.  Without seeing more info on your switch, it's impossible to tell for sure, but if it's a simple speaker switching box, it's just some mechanically interlocked switches.
.  Diodes block current in one direction, so you would only hear half of your music. A more sophisticated box might have impedance matching transformers.

ok, in that case, i first buy that box, make a plan of whats inside and ask again.