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How to make a PVC hinge system for outdoor screen Answered

I am building an outdoor movie screen based on the following pictures but I would like the screen to be able to fold back and rest on the back supports to minimize wind resistance or blowing over. my idea is to build them in two parts screen and base and attach them with some kind of hinge system. but i know nothing about hinges so i need help or if you have another idea tell me thanks



7 years ago

You could use a 'T' piece as a hinge. I have drawn you a diagram to illustrate my proposed method.

Construction is from 1.5" PVC pipe and appropriate fittings which is easily available from DIY shops and swimming pool shops at about £10 per 3m for the pipe and £1 per fitting for the T and 90 degree pieces. I would suggest holding it together with self tapping screws not the normal glue so that you can fully take it apart if you like. Especially since it doesn't have to hold water.

You will need small pilot holes in the connectors but not the pipe.

In my diagram:
A - a right angle connection
B - a T piece connection
C - this part unplugs so it can fold.

Red lines indicate fixed with a self tapping screw. Those that aren't fixed are free to swivel as strong hinges.
Red circles indicate a joint that swivels to allow folding.


Answer 7 years ago

Right click the image and press view if you want to see it bigger.

Burf's answer would make it simpler though. Kind of like mine but the two T pieces that stick up are screwed together so you can just unslot the sticking up screen holding bit when not in use.


7 years ago

Rather than trying to cobble together some sort of hinging system, why not design it so that it will separate into two pieces. You could use standard PVC fittings and pipe and set the screen in place when you are ready to use it. Take the screen off the base when you are through.


7 years ago

You can buy a double hinge - a much better idea for something that may be quite heavy.

IF your DIY bound then Polypropylene will last MUCH longer than PVC