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How to make a Rf controlled small siren? Answered

I need to make a small battery powered loud(120dB+) electronic siren that is turned "on/off" by a key FOB type RF remote. I am currently trying to train my dog to not dig holes, etc, and need a small siren that can fit on her harness collar. I need to be able to push a button on the remote to make the siren wail, until I release the button. remote needs to be RF not IR. Any ideas?


No one has any idea??

I just bought a brand new bulldog alarm for a car at a thrift store for like 4 bucks.  You just hook the leads to a car battery.   I'm wondering if I can perhaps take it apart and just use the alarm out of it (there is a panic button on the key fob).   Since its powered by 12VDC, I'm thinking perhaps eight of those 1.5 button cells  might power it.  I could be wrong.


8 years ago

Hmmm, I would buy one of the flashlight/siren combonations, take apartthe housing, buy a reciever and remote from a hardware store, or mayberadio shack and then sauter the (most liely 2) wires from the siren tothe reciever. As to the rf prob, your on your own, but ask your local electrition.