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How to make a Space Helmet? Answered

I am wondering how to make a space....ish helmet (like the ones on the apollo missions) that can be used for a carnival float/walking party... I would like any idears you have.





Best Answer 8 years ago

Probably the simplest solution is to start with a large plastic globe (like a goldfish bowl) and overlay papier maché over the non-visor area.  Make sure you use one large enough to fit over the user's head, and to have a neck opening to allow air exchange!

I didn't have as much luck as I expected searching for these.  Neither McMaster-Carr nor TAP Plastics have them.  I did find something via Google, www.themedecor.com/product.jsp.  You may have more success.

That is really cool; thank you for posting it!

You're right, they are very hard to find, and almost impossible to find for a reasonable price. When I needed one for a production of Little Shop of Horrors, we would up using one just like the one in your link (even though the big seam was not ideal), because one of these would have eaten the entire show budget.

get a picture of a space helmet first. create a cardboard outline using thin strips of cardboard and glue them together(i suggest using a hot glue gun). get a balloon and blow it up roughly the size of a basketball full sized. Papier mache the balloon(if you do not have a papier mache kit then make it using building pva glue and paper or newspaper)and let the first layer dry then put 2 more on and let it dry. Pop the balloon and and pull the mould out. Using cereal boxes mould the rest of what is left. If there is smaller round parts use balls like tennis balls and bouncy balls and papier mache them.After moulding with your cereal boxes put three layers of papier mache on it and let it dry.Then for your visour use bendy see threw plastic and cut it too shape of your helmet mould.Then now all you have too do is paint it white and add the details. =)

 you could do paper mache like L suggested or you could get a motorcros helmet or a motorcycle helmet and paint it and then clear coat it after to paint it so it looks genuine

Start with a balloon, then paper & glue. It's a lot of work, but it gets there. Visor will be trickier, some kind of clear plastic...