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How to make a USB trickle Battery charger that won't overcharge? Answered

USB devices operate at 5v and 400mA. Can I charge them at 5v and 100mA ,like a trickle charger, and keep the battery from over-charging? is there some kind of ratio battery size calculation to see how low the amps need to be for it to trickle charge? Is there such a thing as a small,cheap, voltage overcharge protection component?



Best Answer 8 years ago

From everything I've seen and read on lipos they should only be charged using a charger built for lipos. See this link -
Even trying to "trickle" charge them could damage them with serious consequences.

Google "lipo battery" and you will be greeted with more warnings etc.

Most cell phones and mp3 players have built in safeguards for charging. My phone and mp3 player that has a lipo battery both can be left on the usb to charge and will quit charging when the correct charge has been met. So you could probably charge them with the solar charger without worry. They should turn off when full. But trying to charge anything without a protection circuit built in or a bare battery might be asking for trouble.

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What kind of battery is it? Nicad, lipo and nmh all have different standard charge rates so trickle rate for them would be different also.

I'm pretty sure most ipods and USB MP3 player have LiPo batteries. does that sound right? I'm making an MP3 solar battery charger.