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How to make a Viberator move ? Answered

I am trying to make a massager with bunch of viberators i have 6 viberators i am making a back massager within a car seat i fited 6 vibrators i want them to move like for example those commercial massagers when you sit on em it goes up and down giving you a full relaxation jus like that i want my viberators to move up and down... thanks for helping



10 years ago

I would so love to give you a decent answer on this one, yet I feel that perhaps it would be atleast difficult to achieve this without the use of at least some other force... I would imagine that you would need a second set of servo's etc (something with some torque behind it) to activate a circular movement of the vibrator's. I can't imagine a way to achieve this at a low cost.... Sorry... Vibrator are easy, they vibrate and stimulate muscle activity yet that grinding motion of a massaging unit has a fair bit of torque behind it allowing it to still rotate when you grind you back into it to get a good spot... Anything none commercial would burn out extremely quickly... I have no doubt though that some one more technically minded than myself may have some suggestions for you....