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How to make a WiFi USB adapter for a PC any ideas? Answered

I have looked over the net for days on how to make a homemade WiFi adapter for a pc. Either companies are hording this technology or no one knows. I do know that the receiver uses a 2.4 GHz radio signal. Could it be as simple as making a radio receiver and connecting it to a PC with a usb cord ? Any ideas help anyone know what they are doing here cmon you guys be the first to answer this question on the entire internet :)


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I came across your question (posted nearly two years ago) because I too am looking for a design for a WiFi adapter. I will keep you posted if I hit the jackpot. But, the following link might give you some ideas:


Apparently, Texas insturments has a kit available. How much it costs?; I don't know. Where to order?; I don't know. I found this link on google with the phrase 'WiFi adapter design'. I'm basically looking for some electronics hobbyists designs or a reference design by a company...I know that sometimes you can get electronics designs from companies for free that are adequately detailed.

Just buy one, my electronics store sells them for under $20. You can't find the necessary individual parts for less than that.

No, it's not that simple. Not even close. This is not really a DIY project. You'll need some very specialized chips to handle wifi and USB. You cannot just plug a 2.4GHz radio into USB and have it magically work. The only real way to make this yourself would be to gut an existing USB wifi adapter, which is kind of pointless.