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How to make a battery powered 5.1 speaker system? Answered

Hi, I was wondering how I would be able to make reasonably powerful MP3 speaker system which is battery operated has 5 speakers( two tweeters, two mid range and one sub)?
What sort of amp, circuitry and parts would I need? I was thinking about using amps like these...


Just here to point out that a 5.1 speaker system is:

4 satellites (small speakers)

1 center channel

1 subwoofer

The satellites are positioned two in front and two in back. Center channel goes directly infront of you

I have done this in a car. It takes a plug that plugs into the MP3 (phone psp wtevr) then the other side is rca jacks. Hook up the amp like normal but connect the RCA from the MP3 to the car amp like you would a normal stereo/cd player. It worked great for me. I bridged the 2 amps, one for the 4 front speaks one for the subs. I want to make a portable amp for a back pack mp3 boombox.

Run it off of a car battery or a small 12 volt battery that is found in small toy cars (the kind little kids ride in), you can find those cheaply, and run it off a power adapter, the kind you would use in a car. Reply if you have any questions.

Your question could be an Instructable all of its own, and a large one at that. To clarify, 5.1 speaker systems are not two tweeters / two mid range / sub. It's commonly just four speakers that are a tweeter/midrange combo and a subwoofer. Even very small 5.1 systems such as those intended for computer use require quite a bit of power, which is why they're all 110v AC powered. I'm not saying it couldn't be done but there is likely some significant electrical engineering required for such an effort. And I wonder what sort of battery capacity would be required and if the size/weight would be prohibitive.