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How to make a blasting cap? Answered

How to make a blasting cap?


no-one seems to have answerd the question, so i shall swing in and save the day
to make a blasting cap, youll need to make an initiator, such as acetone peroxde, which is fairly easy to make, alll you need is hydrogen peroxide, acetone, and a good acid like sulfuric or hydrochloric.
howevfer acetone peroxide is very dangerous, and if made in warm conditions, will be extremely unstable, and could detonate simply be talking near it.
i recomend making hmtd, all it takes is acid, peroxide and solid fuel tablets, i use esit ones, you can buy safely online as well though, very cheaply.

simply build a regular firecracker, but use hmtd instead, and when ignited, it will,produce a dense shock wave which would simultaneously ignite anything, such as your high explosive.

a good shell can be made from a spent shotgun cartridge, or anything realy that is the size of the recomended comercial cap.
keep in mind, if hmtd is made in warm conditions , youll get a compunt known as cyclo-hmtd, which is not only very explosive, but equally unstable, and is so unstable it simply cannot be handled, nthough it is only generated when the hexamine and peroxide are mixed togeether, once disolved, it wont matter how warm the mix gets.

i hope i helped

keep in mind that comercial caps were almost going to be made from hmtd, but werent simply because you cant make hmtd in large batches , plus it was just that little bit too unstable. though hmtd is used in every improvised blasting cap ever made, either it or acetone peroxide.

one last thing, by weight, hmtd is actually more powerful than tnt

The best and also easiest blasting cap can be made from a cheap plastic syringe, 1 ml, 2 ml or 5 ml is perfect... bigger does also work but is just bulky and unnecessary large. And yes, HMTD is the best choice. Any amount around and above 1 g will detonate any type of HE. You can put a fuse in your blasting cap, though an electical igniter is much better and safer, as the charge detonates within a few milliseconds after you the push of the button. When lighting a fuse, many unexpected things can happen while it burns. I won´t tell anybody how to make HMTD. Google yourself and check youtube and you´ll find what you´re looking for. Do not apply too much force when pressing it into the syringe, you could lose your fingers or even your whole hand(s).

This way:



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or you could check for those improved munition black book or the good tm31-201, theay're hiding on the net just search for them.
There's A LOT of info in those. Also I found some recipe for the picric acide in those, but if you want to make those kind of chemical start first by checking the M.S.D.S. just to know how dangerous they are. Many of the chemical needed have specific condition to be stable, like picric acide who have to be in water to avoid friction detonation and have to be in non-metalic bottle who can resist to acide. So be carefull with what you play, at least with the chemical.

if you are using the blasting cap to detonate another explosive, gunpowder will definitely not cut it. its basically just a small, strong, pipe bomb filled with a high explosive that can be easily set off. you can use nitroglycerin or acetone peroxide if you are willing to deal with the risk level. of course, this is very dangerous and not really recommended unless you have a high level of experience.

Except handling nitroglycerin can be deadly. It leeches into the skin poisoning you. Touching it for a few seconds results in an extremely bad headache. I learned first hand of how quick this is. Stick to HMTD as you can make it as you need it, and the chemicals needed are cheap. But still, leave all this to people who have permits and training, and synthesizing any of these is a federal offense.


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do you have a motel rocket? the engines have a LOT of black powder

I make my own black powder but I read somewhere on line that black powder wont work. also could you go more in to how to make the blasting cap.

low and high exsplosives are different you need one to set the other off ..hmtd should be good like the top guy said but very unstable ,,and im wondering if that stuff has a shelf life

thankyou for selecting me as th best answer!

anyway, o thought i should mention, comercial blasting caps use a primary explosive, like hmtd, perhaps merfury fulminate, but also contain a booster charge, which would often consist of picric acid, or mercury fulminate, i forget, sorry, the point is, if you can get your hands on some picric acid or lead picrate, you should use that alongside hmtd, to ensure you get an insanely big explosion, to detonate your plastic explosives. XD

i havent tryed it but i have seen some one do it with 3 engines it made a fire ball 14 feet high and it was 1-2 feet under ground as for makeing them i dont know how sry

Is it too much to ask to just apply for a HE user permit? They allow you to use all the High Explosives you want for $150. This will eliminate the risk of imprisonment.

I can understand why someone would want to make a blasting cap. They need it to set off another explosive such as ANFOS or NG. I feel inclined to post a warning to anyone reading this to stick to making low order, weak explosives, such as black powder. Unfortunatley, commercial and military blasting caps are quite difficult to get ahold of, you need a special license just to buy one. Dynomite is the only homemade explosive strong enough to be of any use. Dynomite is simply Nitro Glycerine added to a mixture of salt petre, woodmeal, guncotton (nitrocellulose), vaseline, and powdered charcoal. DO NOT make dynomite or any other explosive for that matter as it can easily result in death, dismemberment, or imprisonment!!

Google it. you should find some stuff.