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How to make a blimp that will lift 1 pound and weights a max of 5 pounds? Answered

please I need help

Being controlled in yaw, altitude (less than 500ft agl),
airspeed (less than 5kts), and basic position in space

Rapid deployment


Multi-sensor equipping


eg. compact digital camera, weather sensors, etc
Max gross weight less than 5 lbs


Lifting a nominal payload (1.5 lb)



Snnnffff....snnnfff....snnnfff....mmmm, smells like homework!

and actually controlling a blimp at 500 feet that only weighs max 6 pounds. That thing is GONE with the wind. ;)

Guidance? - try Googling a balloon to lift 5 pounds.

turns out 1 ltr of helium will lift 1 gm

5 pounds is 2272 gms so Your blimp will need to hold a minimum of 2272 ltrs of helium.

I leave it to you to work out the dimensions of the envelope. Himt Think of the blimp as being a balloon and so spherical.

It's easier to picture if you assume a cubical blimp. Then 2,272 L is just 2.272 m3, so the blimp is cbrt(2.272) m on a side. That's pretty close to 1.3 m.

As Frollard said, this guy is looking for a weather balloon, and doesn't realize it.

rick (replied below) spelled out what I said in numbers.

A blimp that would lift 6 pounds would be MASSIVE. think WEATHER BALLOON. You don't control a weather balloon under ANY circumstances - you release it, and wave bye-bye!

Think blimp that flies around hockey arenas for advertising. They weigh probably in the order of a quarter to half a pound...total, and if you took it outdoors in ANY wind, it would be gone, forever.


(1) Say up front that you are asking for help on a project which you've been assigned, otherwise it looks an awful lot like you're trying to plagiarize/cheat.

(2) Have you searched for similar projects? What have you found? If you haven't found anything, is that because you didn't look at all (in which case, do the work yourself)? Or maybe you used search terms that weren't effective (and we can help you focus your search).

(3) What specific parts of the project are you having trouble with? The balloon design? The navigation/control system? Payload?

I did look and search and I am working with other people and they are having brain farts as well. I this class is a new thing for me .

I want to help out equally but i dont know much and i search for hoursss.. i had a friend figure out the equation for the helium ,

But now we need to find a cheap blimp and the size to build it. and figure out how powerful of a motor and where to get it.

lol Let me add I am a sociology major. and I took this class to learn more about avsc design, just out of curiosity to learn something new.

Where can i find these parts. I saw hobby king but they only gave us 250 to build this project and i havent seen anything cheap. And where can i find a motor, or what type of motor will do the job. lol

help break this down as simple as possible.

Your best bet for the blimp is to visit a local car show room or similar concern they often use a blimp for advertising their location and may let you have/borrow it.

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personally unless the spec excludes it i would build a large kite and use that.

Kite aerial photography is well covered here and on the web


I think the guys over at DIYDrones.com are best suited to help you out on this. Most of their site is about fixed wing or rotor craft but there are several blips as well.