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How to make a block Xkg heavy vibrate? Answered

Any else see that new "magic" excercise machine?


I was thinking about a diy version and it would be pretty easy, I'm just not sure about how to get the fast vibrations needed.

Any ideas?


don't waste your time, it probably doesn't even work

The idea behind them isn't unreasonable, you do different positions and the vibrations make your muscles work, they have them at the gym I'll test them and see if it works some day...

depending on the speed, you might not even be able to resist the movements

I think that's part of it, you do things that make your muscles work a bit but the vibrations means it's hard to hold or some such, I've seen people work up a fair sweat on them but I've never used it...

niether have i if i were to build it, i would gen an AC motor and put an un-balanced weight on the crankshaft

Probably wouldn't need to be that powerful either, if your plate was reasonably free moving then 1/2 hp could be enough to run a prototype machine, a little PWM to control intensity via speed... Granted you could just stand in funny positions on an old washing machine...