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How to make a bomb detector? Answered

I have a science project to make. I need a working model...
HELP!!!! :(



The US Gov. has spent over 10 Billion and does not have a bomb detector
I know how to do it but it woudl take a lot more space than what I ahve here
I also writing a paper on this. william birchard how else can I help?

Not what you want to hear but the best bomb detector is, a sniffer dog.
google bomb sniffer dog

When I saw the question that is exactly what I thought.

They have also been working with bee's (yes the insects) and found them to be good at picking up explosives also. They train them to be alert for the smell of explosives by using nectar feeders next to explosive caches. The bee's associate the smell of the explosives with a source of nectar and they will then mass around any such smell they run across believing that there is some of their favorite food nearby.

Even though they have tried and made much progress, mechanical noses are just not that good. And smell is the best way to detect chemicals without having to sample everything.