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How to make a book Answered

To help its clients understand everything that goes into making a book, Funnel, Inc. put together this awesome infographic showing the whole process. It's all about educating the client, but this is a great glimpse even for consumers who just get the finished book and don't have any idea where it comes from or how it is made.

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Hi fungus, hi lemonie.  you guys are just tooooooooo much lol ;0)

It's very nice, (I'll reiterate that coudal is a great source for stuff).


Trying to make my mornings even more convoluted, eh? All right, all right, I added it to the pile.

They're into design, typefaces, video, film etc -  nice-looking arty stuff, BUT also drinks (inc baconated-spirits on occasion...) and the MOOM of course.