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How to make a bread slicer? Answered

 trying  to cut home made bread for sandwiches, can not get even slices, ive seen bread slicers online  its a  guide   to cut the  bread in even  slices  dont want to  spend a  ton  of  money  on  one  or even  know where  i  would  buy  one  anyway


 gusse what tried  my electric knife  and  it worked great! i  dont have   to build anything and i can  use my electric knife  more  then twice a  year when i  cook turkey!


8 years ago

Maybe all you need is a really nice bread knife.  They are not all created equal.


8 years ago

I guess a band saw is out? 
So, I saw a couple of similarly designed bread slicers to the one in your image at the thrift store this weekend. I think they were asking a $1.50 each.

A band saw would work.  I was just thinking that the blade on my table saw is just the right size.  But sometimes you gotta use what you got.

Years ago, I bought a side of beef and cut it up on my band saw. It did a pretty good job, but afterwards,  it took me a full day to clean all the beef bits out of it.

You can get the board and the plastic at Home Depot.  You'll need a way to cut the slots in the guides accurately though.  A table saw would be perfect for that.

 thats would  require me   to own one , i own a drill and jig saw maybe  i can use just wood  though the pic  is  just an example

You can cut the slots with a jig saw, but they'll be pretty narrow. I'd suggest clamping both of your side pieces together when you cut the slots, so they line up.

Why bother with two sides? If the wood is thick enough (2cm?) then it will keep the knife straight...