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How to make a bulb? Answered

Actually I know how to make a bulb, but the problem is that I don't have any tungsten for the filament. Can you tell me any other alternatives for my bulb?


You could use doubled up steel wool. It is available in almost every grocery shop, even though it won't last long , it will glow bright.

I saw a TV show where a guy made his own lightbulb from scratch. When it didn't work as good as he wanted, he replaced the filament with a mechanical pencil "lead" to see what would happen, and it lit up very well.

Impressive, do you know if it was hard lead like a 4H or soft lead 1/2H ?

I don't know. I don't remember the name of the program (if you want to research it) but each episode he scratch built (most of the components of) some item such as a lawnmower or a toaster, then tested it. They worked poorly and cost thousands of dollars to make, but it was interesting to see him make his own glass, copper (from a solution retrieved from the bottom of a mine), plastic, steel, aluminium etc.

The man's name is Thomas Thwaites. He scratch built a toaster and subsequently wrote a book called "The Toaster Project". I think the TV series may also be called The Toaster Project.


4 years ago

Why don't liberate a filament from an incandescent bulb and use that !

Charred cotton thread
Charred bamboo strip
Any old thin wire
New materials:

A sliver of carbon fibre
Pencil lead
Practically anything that will conduct electricity

You won't get a result as good as a commercial lamp though.

Carbon fibre would be a great way to do it - but the OP should bear in mind the carbon filament bulbs were only powered to a bright red, not white heat.

Even in Eddistone's days they used arc lamps or Lime light for a white light.

There is a lot of information on line about the history of bulb making.