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How to make the Silen Hill amusement park mascot?(Robbie) Answered

Have you ever heard of Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill? I want to make his costume! It may or may not take alot of time and since I won't be pressured by trying to get it done before Halloween I can take my time and do a great instructable. Here's a little idea of what he looks like, he's a pink bunny with big oval eyes and a sort of half-smile with a lot of  blood smeared all over his face, he wears bloodied blue overalls and seems to have smaller feet than an average cartoon mascot.
Here's a pic: https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FAW/FH2I/G145JI1B/FAWFH2IG145JI1B.SMALL.jpg
So any suggestions on how to make this mascot costume?


Yeah, for this kind of thing I'd definitely go with papier mache. I've had good luck using PVA-soaked brown paper towels over a large bouncy ball or punching-balloon as the base for mascot-type heads. Usually 3 or 4 layers of paper towel is enough to help the head hold its shape.

I actually make Robby the rabbit heads from Silent Hill. This is a sample of the first one I did and since then my skills have improved a great deal.


It's not insanely difficult or expensive for the quality you get in return. If you're curious, my email is dcrewsdesign@gmail.com

Im going to be this of and on throughout this year, should be fun unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong... suhch as he comes to life and stares at me... *shiver*

So, I'm thinking papier-mache mask here.
Should be simple enough, no?


8 years ago

I can't give you any advice on how to make the costume but I do have a suggestion regarding  your question. 
You ask for help to build a specific character, assuming that everyone will know the character as well as you do.
For example, I don't know if Robbie the Rabbit is an ugly, bloody dude wearing a set of lop-eared rabbit ears or a full body suited caricature of a demented Bugs Bunny.
You would probably have a much better chance of getting a useful answer if you were to provide a picture of the character along with your question. It is then more likely that someone, even if they no nothing about Robbie the Rabbit, but who has experience in making costumes, can offer suggestions and advice.
Good luck.

Ah yes. I could have Googled it too, but my point was, he is asking for help and not clearly defining what he needs. I think he would be better served if the question had  more information in it.
I thought about a question somewhere below this one that asked something like, "How to make a fall in a wet room?" or words to that effect. I, like many others, misconstrued the question and I didn't even bother replying.
My high school Physics teacher kept a big sign over the blackboard, that said, "If you want a good answer, ask a good question." It seems applicable in this section of Instructables

lol, well thank you for replying, I'm happy to fix mistakes :D

I think it was Prof. Graham Sandford who said "If you put crap into a (chemical) reaction, you're going to get crap out." - same thing really.


LOL! I wasn't sure about that fall thing either. Lots of silly cartoon imagery came to my mind.
Mostly I just try to help out.