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How to make a button or sensor select an audio file from a memory device? Answered

I would like to know about any instructables (or help in general) on making an arrengement that would make use of a button or motion sensor to select a music or audio file from a memory storage device (like an mp3 or a Compact Disc player) and let me play it on a set of speakers. Anything on that line would be appreciatted including (but not limited to) peripherals that can be bought pre-assembled with this functionality.

I have already checked this instructables, but were to no avail (not what I was looking for):

This resembles what I am looking for (but I prefer longer lasting ones):

Hope you help!
Thanks in advance, Cab



7 years ago

Anything is good sir, single or multitrack (later would be better) but anything on the topic is good.

Do you only want a single track ? Does it need any kind of fidelity ?