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How to make a camcorder see Infrared light? Answered


I have an old JVC GR-AX280 camcorder that I would like to turn into night vision.I know it has a filter that makes it so you can't see infrared light.How do I replace the filter with something so you can see infrared light from a infrared LED light board? I have another camcorder and I removed the filter and lost it.The camera doesn't have very good picture now,almost nothing.Looks like I need to have something to take the filters place to get better picture again. Any ideas?




Best Answer 5 years ago

I've not worked with video camera filter removal but have on still cameras so I'll relate what I know about them. In most cameras the filter is made of optical glass and is a part of the actual lens system so you can't just remove the. In others they are a part of the retention system holding the sensor in the exact plane of focus. In at least one camera the filter is etched with a screen that improves clarity of the image. So you have to replace the filter with an exact replacement that fits properly.

Google 'remove ir filter".  There is way too much out there to fit into one post.  There are lots of cameras modified this way to allow for better star photographs thru telescopes.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks for the information,it's very interesting and makes a lot of sense.Now I understand why the picture was ruined.I remember taking the filter out of a digital camera and having problems with the picture, until I snapped a bit of lens from a view finder an stuck it in the IR filters place,, it then worked perfect again and allowed me to see infrared.

Cheers for the help.