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How to make a cat-proof c&c Guinea Pig cage? Answered

I Own 1 Guinea Pig


putting a sheet of cloroplast over it and its zip-tied so there's a hinge and i flip it up but my cat is scared of my cavy so she doesn't really care if she's out or not and doesn't attack her but i'm not taking the chance

put a procksimity collor on the cat and set theinvisible force feild but make it a water collor not shock


8 years ago

See http://is.gd/cABC3 for information on building Cubes-and-Coroplast cages.

Aquariums are completely inappropriate housing for guinea pigs. A single guinea pig needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet, and they really should live in pairs (or larger herds) as they are social animals. Cages built of grid panels zip-tied together over a coroplast base allow for appropriate size and ventilation.   Closet shelving can be placed on top and held in position with zip-ties (cable ties) to form a hinge.

I used to keep birds in a sturdy bird cage wrapped with hardware cloth.  It's like heavy duty screen wire.  I used thin steel wire to "sew" it in lace and very carefully trimmed back all the cuts so no body got cut.  Then put a snap lock on the door and it kept the cat out and the birds in for 10 years.  Birds died of old age.

Standard aquarium-style tank with screen lid is fairly cat-resistant, if the lid's weighted, strapped, or otherwise held down well. Tight screening generally -- anything the cat can't get a paw into or pry open will do the job.

I know someone who kept mice in a fishtank of that sort. The cat liked to sit on top of it  and look down at the mice -- and the mice used to climb upside down and hang on the underside of the screen, apparently to deliberately tease the cat.

Actually, the real problem I see is that the guinea pigs I've known tend to be timid creatures, and may not be happy with the cat nearby even if the cage _is_ cat-proof.