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How to make a cheap, lightweight, child-friendly ride-on car from scratch? Answered

Plastic (or something like that) for the body or any light material that is easily shaped or molded using common tools/equipment. With functional steering wheel that allows left or right turn (How is this really implimented? And what type of material to use?). Pedal propelled...or anything green solution. Usable by a 1 to 3 year-old kid...like a prelude to the carting instructable.


Maybe use conduit pipe and connectors like in the bicycle trailers that people build.

I don't know about the rest of it, but you could probably make a simple steering bar out of pvc pipe and some t-connectors. Get one length to be the bar and connect it to the long part of the connector (you may need two, I'm unsure of how the connectors are set up internally), another length to run down to an axle, then another horizontal peice. I'd get a smaller diameter piece of pvc or metal rod/pipe that can easily slide into the bottom horizontal piece to serve as the axle. Turning the top bar would make the bottom set and the axle swivle. ... Of course, I have absolutely no idea how much weight this will bear or what the stability would be like.