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How to make a circuit to blink and turn off Answered

Hi I am designing a prop where I want a oush button to turn on blinking lights and a buzzer then after about 5 seconds it turns off. Then repeat.
Does anyone know how I would do this? I am not very good with electronics. Please help Ps I  dont want top use a microcontroller. Maybe 555 timer chips?



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Here is a site for you. . . . . . . . . A


I guess I forgot to say this. One momentary switch turns on the power the second switch activates the beeper and I need it to reset automatically

What your asking for is going to be 6 times as complex as
the circuit up there. I could draw it, but building it might be difficult.
If I was doing it a uP would be my choice.
Another avenue is a smart relay but they cost money and learning to use
Your questions suggest you should get and learn a uP cheaper in the
long run. Either a pic or arduino based development system.
Lots of ibles on the subject.

yeah, as far as i know a 555 or any timer, really would be best. not terribly familiar with em and you may need two, one to control the blinking and one to control the 5 second interval. im sure someone much smarter than i will jump on here and tell you exactly how to do it.