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How to make a color selectable LED? Answered

Radioshack sells these LEDS that are 5mm 7-Color and you can use a momentary push button to make it change colors, the only bad part is that these LEDS are like $3 EACH. They are great if you only need a few but I need about 30 of these. Does anyone know a cheaper alternative to getting this same effect? Is there a way you can control regular RGB 5mm leds? Thank you. (I really need 5mm LEDS for this and LED strip lights will not work)


go to adafruit.com and find the neopixels section and then use arduino to controll it

Are you changing all 30 leds to the same colour ?

Yes that's what I would like to do. Have all 30 able to change to the same color.

Yes, simplest way is buy a controller, or make one with an Arduino

If I could buy a pre made controller that would be great. Where can I buy this?

Apart from things like christmas light controllers which can control 100's of LEDS

you will be lucky to find a dedicated LED controller to do what you want.

However if your not up to learning enough C++ to programme the Arduino then take a look at Picaxe the language is much easier to understand. For what you want the command High turns an output on and Low turns it off again. Even 11 year old kids can grasp that.

For many LEDs you need to look up charlieplexing and work out what it means or ask here (look first)