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How to make a cushion cover? Answered




9 years ago

I fit the material around the cushion, and kind of pleat it together at the back and fasten it with a nappy (diaper) pin! I used a skirt which had...er, grown to small for me, and a pair of culottes of chocolate and gold velvet. They look great! Just un-pin to wash.

Whatever shape cushion it is, round, rectangular, odd, you should make a paper pattern from it. Use newspaper or tape sheets of paper together if you do no have anything big enough to cover it. Place the cushion on top and trace the outline. Do the same for the sides, making it a long strip. Transfer the pattern or pin to fabric and cut out adding an additional 1/2 inch all around for seam allowance where you will sew. You can look up how to put a zipper in or design it like a pillowcase to just tuck and fold in one end. Good luck.

Oh, sew all around and then turn it inside out so you have the raw edges on the inside and a nice finished look on the outside.