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How to make a easy roof for fairy garden house? Answered

The house is 1/2 of cinder block



5 years ago

You could cut leaf, petal, or feather shapes out of plastic lids or bottles and layer them like shingles.

You could glue artificial flowers and leaves to a plastic take out food top or bottom...with maybe a glass paperweight in the center to keep it on.

You could pour plaster with some tan paint into a pie pan, un-mold it, quickly rake from the center to the edges on the bottom with an old fork and set it upside down on top of your block - to look like mini thatch.

Or you could use concrete patch instead of plaster, let it set longer, and put it on when cured. At that point moss or algae might grow on it if it's a damp location.

How about a green roof? Make a monopitch roof with a gentle slope out of marine plywood, cover it in plastic sheet, nail battens along the side and lower edges and then add a growing medium with good water-holding properties. Get some sedum plants (you can often find them on damp, north-facing rooves) or moss and plant them. You'll have a roof fit for a fairy queen.

You could use cedar wood shingles overlapped on top of each other to protect your project from rain.