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How to make a easy solar cell? Answered

some ideas anyone



Depends on what you want to do

Generate electricity??

Generate hot water??

Generate hot air and circulate?

For electricity apart from an interesting experiment your not going to meet the output of a commercial PV cell at home.

Hot water can be done easily at relatively high efficiencies.

If you live in a hot sunny area you may even be able to build a solar generating station with either a solar powered Stirling engine or a steam generator running a turbine.

Hot air also easy with a bit of building work.

Have you seen any plans for REAL Stirling engines that can generate power Rick ? Like 1kW ?

I've been looking for ages.


To be honest I have never looked for a full size plan set, (a bit beyond my Chinese lathe), But I have seen working 1900 Stirling farm engines at Steam shows.

This guy says he has 5 HP plans.

I would have thought that model plans should scale up. the principle is all there

lot of other links here

Yes, I've seen the 5Hp link- I also saw a VERY extensive criticism of the book and the author by the guy who actually did the work, which was very funny, but not terribly helpful....


Note easy doesn't mean efficient.