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How to make a fire come from your fingertips... Answered

Well, hello there, I'm trying to figure out how to use some small flexible gas tubing of some kind and a sparker to make a project that will make it look like a flame is shooting out of each finger and thumb. I'm also trying to figure out a way to control the sparker and the highth of each flame without using my hands as they'll have flames shooting from my fingertips. So any thoughts? Thanks, Daemon Ulf


i made fire come out of my mouth by eating chili it was kewl and i could make a fire and ice ball but just pop out in my hands how kels is that


10 years ago

Consider how circus firebreathers can place flame on their hands for a few minutes without burning themselves. Cigaret lighters and LPG gas burns at a high temperature whereas a small amount of metho on your palm won't burn off your skin! Talk to some fire tricksters before trying anything...or at least have a big open bucket of water nearby.

Must you have bare hands? If you can build the diffusers into a set of gloves, you could have a solid glove, for example, in between you and the fire. My thought is to have two layers: an OveGlove type thing and a porous glove over it, but not toatlly porous; you'd want pressure in there. Seal it against your wrist, have your gas piped in and seep out of you glove at an appropriate rate. This could take some experimentation with pressures and gloves. Inside the glove, no air=no combustion. Outside, air and fuel mix, will burn. Run the tubing up your sleeve, maybe with a pushbutton cutoff in your armpit? Squeeze to start/stop? Spark it with your other hand? With your whole hand engulfed in flame, it won't be apparent you're wearing gloves.

Just my $0.02 on the matter. Now I kinda want to build one of these setups I just decribed. If it works, I'll do a writeup.

I know I just redesigned your whole setup by the seat of my pants. Maybe just run your tube up the backs of your fingers and then cover it all but the tip with tape covered in flashtone makeup. You'd still have to spark externally, but once it was going it wouldn't be obvious that you had a small clear tube at the tip of each finger, since it'd be engulfed in flame. As for flow regulation, I still think constricting the hose using your armpit would work best; elegant and effective. Of course, I'd be worried about burns to my bare skin with this one.

Another question is, where are you sticking the cylinder?

by cylinder do you mean the thing the gas would be in??? because if you do mean that I'm thinking of sewing a pouch into a shirt that I'd put it in (it'd have to be baggy, so you wouldn't notice it as much, of course...)

the problem with duplicating a "movie" stunt in real life is the camera. The camera, being represented by the watch in real life, can have it's view altered in ways one can not affect a person watching. To get the best effect, you would need to be slightly elevated (uphill ?) from the one watching, so you didn't need to have the gas delivery tube below the edge or your fingertips (this could cause burns). There is a lot to consider though. Special effects are mostly added to movies, rather then created in real time anymore.

to make it easier you can always pick witch craft and become a satanist!!

That's a lot to go through though.....I don't think that is "simpler" LOL

You're asking for a lot there, however a BBQ igniter is a great thing to start with, you'd need to add a wire tot he ground of the piezo to get a spakr but the whole unit could be contained in your sleeve...