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How to make a giant Magna Doodle to use as a white board? Answered

 I want to go about making a giant Magna Doodle to use as a white board in my home office. It would help cut down on the number of pens I use as well as that awful ink smell. Overall, more better for the environment and hopefully for my budget. Any ideas on how you would go about doing this?


Hey, were u able to make the giant magnetic board? I kinda want to make one for myself and so far net has not been very helpful. Was wondering if your project reached anywhere and in case u can help.

I read the comments below and buying lots of little ones to make a big ones sounds too wasteful and expensive.

Its an old post so hope is my partner :)


7 years ago

Hey-- cool idea! The magna doodle board itself is just a millimeter or so of honeycomb spacer filled with milky fluid and iron filings in each space-- they are then laminated between two tough plastic sheets. You could buy a "lot" of them on eBay, remove them from the frames and glue them to a whiteboard. There are some tricks-- you need to be able to swipe the back of the board with a magnetic wand. Also, you just can't puncture them otherwise they dry out quickly. Be sure to use low power ceramic magnets as common "rare earth" magnets will actually cloud the screen-- almost like the front plastic is magnetized and you can't really erase it any more.

Good luck!

You could always switch to blackboard. No smell, but some dust and occasional screeching sounds.

The resolution on MagnaDoodle isn't that good, and they can end up looking a bit grey. But, how about buying a lot, extracting the panels and making a composite board?