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How to make a glider? Answered

I want to make a glider
BUT A REAL ONE.Something that will help someone fly from place to place 
P.S. I saw it in a book but it isnt mentioned


This has been covered before and the general opinion is this is far too dangerous to attempt unless you have good aeronautical knowledge, very good building skills and a good big workshop.

Nice idea AND it could be done but No one here will take the responsibility of telling you how in a few words.

Do some real in depth research. Start building models and slowly get bigger.

+1. Save the time and money and just jump off the roof of a 5 story building. Probably the same result.


There are many proper plans available online and in print - if you don't have the skill to find them, you don't have the skill to build one that won't kill you.

Your profile doesn't list what country or state you live in, but there are homebuilt/experimental aircraft clubs and associations in many areas. They are an excellent source for support and education.

Here is a link to get you started:


Or google homebuilt + aircraft to find a support organization near you.