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How to make a hole on a seashell? Answered

Does anyone know how to make holes on seashells without using a drill? Please let me know if you do.


If you have the patience, a small very sharp scissor blade should work.

you may also be interested in getting a diamond impregnated bit. I've used them to drill holes through stone and it would easily go through a shell. Here is a picture http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e3/2mm_diamond_drill_bits_macro.jpg

You can rub a hole through with sand and a stick, spinning the stick between your hands, and pressing sand between the stick and the shell.

+1 for the hand drill.

I doubt very much that a dentist will
give you used drill bits, they would be considered hazardous waste
seeing as they come into contact with the patients blood.

Better idea is a small masonry drill bit from the hardware store, however the smallest is 3mm dia which might be too big for your needs.


4 years ago

Well, I would suggest that you really do get a drill, not a power one but a simple hand power drill. Since you appear to do a lot of crafting work it would probably come in very handy AND they are not very expensive and last forever. I have one my grandfather used. it never needed anything except a little oil.

Next get a used dental bit from your local dentist. They are carbide burrs and can cut through glass so a shell would be very easy even if the bit is dull. I am guessing the dentist usually throws them away so they would probably be free for the asking.

I have a friend who used to repair car windshields from cracks and chips. he used a hand drill with a dental bit to drill into the cracks and then injected a special glue. So its something that should work for you.

A sharp pointed knife will penetrate the shell - Mind your fingers.