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How to make a homemade rainbarrel inexpensively.? Answered

I would like to make a rain barrel for use in the garden this summer. Any suggestions?



8 years ago

unless you fear judgement from your neighbors go trash picking. you would be amazed at what awsome junk you can find.

I work for a beverage production company, and we get raw ingredients in mass quantities shipped in blue 55 gallon barrels. When we're done with these we pay someone to haul them away. If you have any type of food production facilities in your area, it wouldn't hurt to ask them if you could have a barrel or two. Once you have the barrel, you can invent a clever funnel system (tarpaulin, pvc frame, just a possibility) or cut one of the downspouts from your house to the height of the barrel and let your roof do the collecting for you. Oh, and before you fill the barrel with rainwater, make sure you install a hosebib at the bottom of the barrel and test it for water-tightness before relying on it to not leak your precious cargo all over your yard. Gravity should do the work of pressurizing a drip system or hose as long as the barrel has a decent amount of water in it. Good luck! Shawn

nice icon X D. good band

Do you put a spigot in it? I thought of this and then figured I would have to use a bucket to get the water out. It will work and may end up being the answer. Beats dragging the hose forever.

Actually, I am using the rain barrel for a compost bin. In this application, I placed the plastic garbage can on a platform around three foot high and put a siphon over the top. Once the siphon starts, it keeps going until no water is left in the barrel. Of course, if it does go all the way down, you have to restart it.

I'll put together a few pictures.


Mark Satterfield

Dig a hole in the ground.

one of those blue 55 gallon drums with the top cut off?