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How to make a knex gun with a real bolt mechanism? Answered

I am planning to make a new knex gun. This gun is going to have a real 'bolt' which is used to load the next round. It will be pulled back and released which will push the round into the barrel like a real gun. The firing rod will be the same as usual but when firing, as the bullet is further forward would result in the bullet being hit rather than pushed leading to better energy transfer and better firing.

I have experimented for a while but cant quite seem to get it to work properly other than the general mech.

So if anyone has done anything like this or knows someone who has then please share.


Way ahead of you, bud. A few of us had the exact same idea years ago. Probably the most common example is this. While not the first, it was the most popular of its time.

Thanks for the comment but thats not quite what i meant. The part i was talking about is something similar to the actual bolt of the gun like in this picture which is an ar-15 bolt carrier.


I know exactly what you meant, good sir, and that is pretty much what you're looking for. It's the most reliable way to do it at the moment. If you want to do it with a bolt assembly of sorts rather than a bolt pin (which would behave very similarly really) then that's possible, but it'd be complicating things. I wanted to do something similar to that, but the trick would be keeping the ammunition in the magazine and still accessible by the bolt.