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How to make a lift for a marble roller coaster? Answered

What's the absolute cheapest way I can make a lift for a marble roller coaster project? I'm estimating my roller coaster at 4 ft high. I was thinking of using a Archimedes screw, but how would I go about doing this?

What's a household product that would have a motor/gear that I can use to save some money? (I don't have any toy cars)

I will be using polytubing and wood base/support for my roller coaster if that matters.


I'm not a big fan of knex but if you ask here I'm sure you will get a few replies.

There are hundreds of combinations of simple machines that work to make marble lifts. Adding a motor is a good way to add expense.

Thin cardboard + tape (clear/duct, etc) is quite light and strong, and you can cut very precise mechanical shapes then reinforce them.