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How to make a light graphic tablet? Answered

Hi, im new here.

I saw that this site has a lot to offer, but i cant find anything that can help me.
What i want to make is a light graphics tablet ( not a PC tablet).  Stylus is used for drawing, and only one color can be used (black or something else, depends on background).  I dont want it to be software dependable, because you can only write on with stylus and erase what you've drawn with a button/rag/something third. Thanks for help in advance

P.S. : Something like this but without all software http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glxVwCXTmeM&feature=player_embedded#!


This will call for a lot of work on your part both software and hardware.

The parts marked X and Y are pots (Potentiometers) that are linked with string to a gantry (x) and the pen(Y) so as you move the pen the pot is moved.

A little research into one of the available Pic micro processors will show you how to red an analogue value (the resistance of the Pot) this will be proportional to the position so equates to the X,Y position of the pen.

Send this serially to a laptop and write some VB code to plot the position on the screen

Build the pen gantry etc from clear acrylic and put over the screen and you have your graphics tablet.

The hows and details are up to you but this works.

other options involve complex technology that frankly you would be better off buying.


Can you give me some literature so I can read more about it? It's close to impossible to find this on my language.

If i succeed I will post results and how-to, if im able to translate everything.

http://www.picaxe.com/Getting-Started/PICAXE-Manuals/ for PIC details.

Im the OP.

Found what I need, i just need it with stylus. http://zedomax.com/diy/117/diy117.htm

Where is the "no software" bit ? This one needs code too.

The stylus issue means you will probably need to add a touchscreen to it.