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How to make a magnetic powered car? Answered

This project is for my 8 year old daughter that is in grade 3. She has to build a magnetic powered car (and not from legos or hotwheel type cars), that can go fast or slow, and extra points if the car can turn left or right. I'm at a loss, can someone help please ?


it seems like it's easy but it's not true

i've tried to do this, but i can't

i need to make a magnetic car made from recycled materials


6 years ago

This is innovation which can create a history in future.

My car design uploaded shows how a tricycle can be made into car of future with magnectic force as the force in moving the vehicle.

Magnet is fixed in front of Car and then a iron bar is fixed parallel to same level.
When the level is matched then force makes the rotation of chain from up to down, which moves vehicle in both forward, backward moment with unit gear in front of the driver. 2 seating arrangements in back with luggage total capacity is 220 to 250 kg.

To climb steep heights. Magnetic power can be doubled by giving back tyres same magnetic force. so the steep hights can be reached.

This picture is made with reference to magnectic car of 1206 ad. i have done extra fitting and back seat arrangement.

This vehicle looks like tricylcle which used to be 30 year before.


Your vehicle image is crushingly indistinct ¥#§►♦•»→

Just aim the magnet at the car in front of you.


It would be unusual for a school to ask any student to work with anything that may trap their fingers or use more than the usual range of household materials ANYONE might find at home.

Homework isn't untended to disadvantage anyone.

Homework is usually limited to drawing/design or writing about it.

I think the question got scrambled and I suggest contacting the school for clarification.

"Make it" homeworks are quite common in the UK.

Typical examples I have come across and/or set:
  • "Make a model castle."
  • "Make a 3d cell."
  • "Make any object on the theme of "storage"."
  • "Make an amulet that represents you and your personal beliefs."
  • "Make a model of the trenches of WWI." (My favourite version of that was a girl who built up her model from aged paper to represent the letters sent home by the soldiers.)
  • "Make a catapult."
They're a great project for family bonding - it is often the first time a child has spent quality time alone with a parent or grandparent.

Officially moving to the UK to finish my education..

I noticed this:
in the related panel, on the right there ---->

It looks to be a toy car that which is dragged around by way of a magnet attached to it. 

There is a flat, rigid, sheet of something non-magnetic like a table top, that the car rides on.  Then the magnet in the car follows a second magnet,  pulled by hand underneath the table top.

9 days ago, you asked the same question, and we didn't understand what you meant then either. Please clarify "magnetic powered" - magnets don't make power. Do you mean motor powered ?

I noticed how often some people post questions but don't follow up, nor give any feedback. I sometimes think that they might have no interest in getting an answer.

He ,he, he! It is like the CARET hoax. The internet is full with disinformation.

Or what if...

You replaced the mousetrap spring with two strong magnets pulling each other together.  One is attached to the body of the car.  The other is attached to a string wrapped around an axle.  Then winding the string onto the axle pulls the two strong magnets apart, and puts a quantity of stored energy into the system. 

Then, when released, the magnet attached to the string is pulled towards the first magnet.  The tension in the string puts a torque on the axle, and unwinds the string, and the rotating axle is connected somehow, by pulleys, or gears, or directly, to the wheels of the car, so that this could turn the wheels and drive the car forward.

Then, in a sense, this contrivance could be called a magnet-powered car.