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How to make a member creation, upload,payment page using css stile coding? Answered



You can certainly affect how the page LOOKS using CSS. But CSS will only be able to change position and appearance, to get an actual sign up page or uploading page you are looking at javascript, php, asp, jquery, mysql, or some other programming language.

The same way you would code any other page using CSS...

If you don't know CSS, then obviously you need to learn it.

O okay. Do you maby know what the code will be? I am lernig css this is a project for school to see if we can find the info we need and if I'm done with that page we are going deeper imto scc codig

CSS means cascading style sheets. It's a page (or pages) of code you create and link to from your html (and other types of) pages and is used to streamline and speed up the loading of a website through the use of "styles". When you "view source" on a page that uses css, you won't actually see that code, you will only see the html (or other non-css) code used that calls for certain styles in the css doc.

For example, if you want all your text, and text links to look a certain way (font style, size, color, links underlined or not, etc), you would write this code in your css file and set it as your default text so that all text appears that way in your site. Same thing for titles. Maybe you want them all size 16 Arial Bold Red, then you create another style with those characteristics so that universally all titles in the site use that style (when you set any given text to the "title" style). You can also create the page background with a color, pattern or graphic and have everything appear a certain width, height and aligned to one side or centered all through css.

A "member creation", "upload" and "payment page" can't all be done through css, as each page is its own html (or .asp or .php etc) page. The css is used to unify the style of all the pages, so that they look like they belong to the same site. Creating boxes, buttons, menus and other elements can all be done through css, but it's not just 10 lines of code that I can give you.

Unless you post the specific question (as written by the teacher), I'm not sure that I get what you are looking for, and what this "info we need" is suppose to be. I write all my sites with css. Some are simple without too many lines of code and others took countless hours to write with hundreds of lines of code.