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How to make a milk dispenser? Answered

Im looking to build something like a milk dispenser where the milk can be sent through a tube and opened with either a spigot or a handle. It could also be something similar to a box of wine, where the wine is in a bottle, and flows when the spigot is opened, but I would like to know how I can have it so that it comes through a tube when opened. Is it possible to create something that will pull the milk when exposed to air?

thanks for any ideas! If these plans are already made or something similar, can someone send me a link?

thanks again!


your looking at a food service milk dispenser. They are simple machines, just a refrigerated cabinet with a weighted handle that pinches off a tube. Milk is stored in a bag with a 6 inch or so tube attached. The milk is delivered like that from the dairy plant, either in a crate or box.
Then when your done with the lunch hour, fold the tube, slide a fork to hold it and throw it in a cooler.

Wow, technology has come a long way. I was thinking to build some sort of barn where you could corral a cow and get an accessory milking stool, one each with an approved NSF stainless steel collection bucket, one each.

Use a brown cow for chocolate milk?
The cow and barn would not be a problem. The problem would be trying to obtain an nsf approved bucket. I suppose in 1985 they sell them at every corner drugstore but in 1955 they are a little hard to come by

Have you seen how real milk dispensers work? The milk is in a bag (which may itself be boxed up) with the tube coming out the bottom. The handle, which the user lifts up to dispense, acts as a pincer to close off the tube. Dispensing is handled by gravity.

A Google search for images turned up the Silver King Web site. Check out some of their manuals for good diagrams.