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How to make a mini jet engine? Answered

Hi Everyone,

I have seen on YouTube (and here on instructables) how to make a small jet engine from a few parts..... I used a metal tube and put  standard lighter nozzle on one end and drilled a couple of holes in the middle. When I lit it, all i got was a regular flame out of the end. I know I'm doing Something wrong, I just don't know what. Can someone please shed some light on this?

Thanks in Advance!!!
Mr. Electric


what your making is a pulse jet motor ( GermanV1), what is missing is the compression of the hot gases coming out the back, you will need to bodge a junkyard TurboCharger to the combustion chamber to compress the hot gases and create thrust.

good luck


Well, it would be, if there were any provision for valves, or it was a reflex tube "valveless" one.

I think the problem is that the air and fuel isn't mixing enough inside the chamber, that's why I get a regular flame out the end...any ideas on how to make the mixture good?

So is there a specific place where i should drill the air holes or? I did some further research and found out that the one I'm trying to build is quite similar to that of a blowtorch or bunsen burner. Do you know how I should set up the venturi tunnel?

These "mini jet engines" are nothing of the sort, they are glorified gas torches.

Sounds like your not getting enough fuel and air into the container. You need to have the right mixture of fuel and air so a small explosion is created inside the chamber. If you don't have the right mix then all you will get is a steady flame out the back. The explosion needs to be big enough that it forces flames out the back but not so big that the chamber becomes a bomb.