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How to make a mini portable video player? Answered

i would like to make a digital video player from scratch!!!! but i dont know how to.  Can you please help me.


Start by displaying a video. Mpeg works well for me. Then have it pause and play in slow motion if you hit enter enter.

Have it randomly pick a video to play. A simple catalog function is needed to make that work.

Have 3 start up versions of the program "RANDOM" "SEQUENTIAL" "MANUAL" on the DVD.

If you can do that you are almost there.

Grab the latest executable of one that does the above and more.

Video and timeline playback are Too much fun together...

Your best bet is either buying one, or repurposing a used laptop.

If you have a degree in electrical engineering and money to spend for a surface mount station and the necessary components, then you should already know how to do this.  If not, you are taking on far too complex a project.

 he doesn't need a degree at all, just the knowledge, that can be obtained from hours of reading...

Have you designed a complex electronics system (not just a circuit board)?  This is an extremely high-dimensionality problem with dozens of different places where optimization tradeoffs have to be made.  Without substantial knowledge and experience, it is unlikely to be successful.   The most efficient way to acquire that knowledge and experience is through a coherent set of coursework, such as that provided by an undergraduate degree program (not necessarily at a university!).

In line with kelsey' - how much do you know about digital electronics?
The answer is probably "no" but If you have a good background in the area it could be "maybe".