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How to make a miniture RFID Door Lock? Answered

Hi guy's,
First time poster here, Just wanting to know how hard it would be to make this (https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-RFID-Door-Lock/)
as small as possible. Im a noob to programming so any help would be appreciated and or where to gat the parts would be great..Cheers.?


Is there a way to make the rfid sensor activate a touch pad?

How hard? Depends on your skill set -- if you are capable of following instructions then the above is dead simple.

As for finding the parts;
Arduino -- search online - try arduino.cc
servo - serach online - try adding the word 'hobby'
wires - search online - 'hookup wires'

...are you seeing a common thread?

All the mechanical parts should be readily available near you.

My exact question was "how hard would it be to make this SMALLER than it already is" and what parts would you suggest if any for doing that. I do appreciate your reply.

get a deadbolt that is powered already and has an interface -- that's probably the smallest form factor you'll find (schlage makes a good secure model)

Everything else can be hidden in that.