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How to make a mod chip for xbox? Answered

Is there a way to make an xbox mod chip out of a microcontroller that I can program and solder onto my original xbox?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes, but it's far too difficult. Just get a chip man.


yeah good idea. is there any stores that sell them or will i have to buy online due to the "probably illegal" nature of them? im guessing online.

buy online due to the "probably illegal" nature of them

First, do extensive research on how xbox program copy protection works. This may be made harder by the fact that manufacturers will keep secret as much of this information as they can.

Then reverse engineer the xbox operating system to work out how the protection is applied in the xbox, and how this interacts with the hardware.

Next, work out how to intercept the operations which are related to the copy protection functions.

Then analyse the PCB to work out whereabouts to install your mod chip to intercept these functions.

Finally program your microcontroller to intercept the protection functions and replace them with 'everything's hunky-dory' type information.

Nothing to it!