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How to make a nearly everlasting stink bomb the size of a gumball, from common household chemicals? Answered

My friends and I are always pulling pranks of nearly every sort on each other, the snake one got old after a month and thought I would get'em when asleep. I need it the size of a gumball, cause things in my pocket are normally that size, and common household materials due to the economy killing my money and pocket change. If any other info is needed for my reason for running people out of small rooms, let me know.



1 year ago

You're all lost and a bit confused it seems. The EVERLASTING STINK BOMB is possible and is commonly used every day in ordorizing natural gas. You know that thing that comes out of your stove? The chem is called MERCAPTANE and you can purchase it from any online chemical warehouse.


6 years ago

My answer is complex and a litle toxic and will make you fell as if your drunk for a minute but it smells horrid. I use hydrogen peroxide, handsoap, pure aloe vera (fresh off of the Plant),Hand sanitiser, neosporin, and urine. After you mix it you should have a semi clear fluid... But here's the downside you must wait 3 months for a small spongelike white mold to form. the mixture is good for cleaning and healing cuts. The mold is the stinky thing. Let it dry for 1 hour in the sun. then use 2 square inches of aluminum foil to wrap it in and last but not least wse a needle to put a tiny hole in the foil. it takes 5-7 seconds to ignite with a match. So all of your mixtures work so good luck have fun and have a nice day.


Answer 3 years ago

That's crazy. How did you come up with that? Who would think to mix all that? That's insane.


Answer 6 years ago

Also I recomend to people who hate the smell of skunk not to use it.

soak grass in water for a while then take the grass out
it spreads really fast, stinks alot, lingers a while, and it's liquid for easy transport and hiding


8 years ago

but thats just a plain old bomb!

for a long lasting stink bomb, ever lasting is impossible, youll need a chemical known as hydrogen sulfide, but if you can aquire ammoniumsulfide that will be awsome.
hydrogen, sulfide, is what makes the infamous rotton egg smell in rotten eggs, ammonium sulfide does the same, its just safer to use as its not as toxic, its basicaly hydrogen sulfide with nitrogen attached.

anyway, what youll need to make it is , lime sulfure, aka calcium polysulfide, and a gasiuos acid, one that is not a salt, such an acid you can use is hydrochloric acid, sulphuric, or if your wasteful, nitric acid. i have yet to try this yet but oxalic acid, a solid, yet highly corrosive acid, may work also. mizx the two, use them in a very pure form, aka how you got them,, but never make more than 50ml, aka volume of a gumbal, now make sure you get more calcium polysulfide liquid than acid, so you end up with a nuetral mush, now add gelatin to this, and it will last for days, while still having the capacity to clear a room after a week. to make ammonium sulfide, just add amonia to the hydrogen sulfide, but not soapy, or it will change it and it will not work , haha


9 years ago

Me and my friends use to buy this stump romover stuff (solid form) and we would mix it with sugar. Add water and boil till we got a nice goop. He found out recently that it works better if you dont mix water and boil, but instead just mix the solid forms. If you can find this stump remover (solid) which should be easy to since most is liquid. Then mix with half part sugar and find a little container to hold it in. Ive never tested new batch but the old stuff was long lasting. Good luck.