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How to make a plastic (potting) box (int. L.W.H): 11mm x 22mm x 10mm? Need at last 100 pcs - "pro looking"...TIA? Answered

I need at last 100 - 500 plastic boxes for micro electronic devices. The dimensions are: (int. L.W.H): 11mm x 22mm x 10mm? Need at last 100 pcs - "pro looking". After placing the electronics inside, I intend to cover it with epoxy glue. Any idea how can I do it by myself or even buy them on a reasonable price? TIA for any advice. Dolly



Thank you, NachoMahma, I thought about it, however I am sure I won't be able to get rid the "bumps". I need to make some kind of matrix and to pour any plastic material inside. It may be even liquid epoxy glue, or any material which will harden in a relative short time. The problem is of course the matrix... Specialists ask for it astronomic sums, so maybe someone has a better idea. Thank you again, Dolly

. Legos, K'nex, &c;? Shaving off the bumps would make it look less "toyish."