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How to make a portable copy stand? Answered

I will be traveling in South America and need to bring a portable copy stand setup to photograph a book. Has anyone made a portable copy stand?


Traditional solution is to get a tripod which lets you pull out the center tube, turn it over, and mount the camera below the junction of the legs. Put the book or other item below that, attach cable release, find adequate lighting (or use sufficiently fast film) Anything else which will hold your camera above the object and pointing down -- or hold the object up so the camera can point at it -- ought to work.

There are plenty of book-stand/holders at most quality bookstores. You could make one, which is great, but they cost only a few bucks/pounds for the lightweight wooden ones. the picture will give you a good start on making one ;-) Good luck!

Instead of the base, you could just have simple legs, and to keep the pages open you might want to put a piece of string with a weight at the bottom towards the edge of each side.

the built in page holders are a great idea Kevin!

oh, I forgot - if weight is important - thinner sticks and/or balsa wood!