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How to make a powerful sound producing device to make humans weak at that point of time? Answered

I wanted to know whether we could produce a device to make some powerful piercing sounds.
like supersonics, something like that.
to make humans inactive at that point of time.
please give me your suggestions.


Well it has been done before - The Bible suggests that a LOT of horns or trumpets should do the trick.

I don't seriously think making a human harming mega sound system is really a good idea.

What about all the animals in the area, what about other humans you don't want to harm, what about your hearing?

Sorry wrong project.

the army built a gigahertz range (not really sound) 'pain' device...puts out a laser beam of pain inducing juice. It's the size of a truck.

And getting smaller with each iteration...

Just turn up the music you're listening to and that will probably do the trick.

Infrasonics is the way to go.  That's sounds lower than your hearing range which, at the right frequencies and adequate intensity, will have adverse effects on the victim's internal organs. 
From what I've heard going through some city centres, certain car stereo systems already have this capability.