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How to make a powerful spray can? Answered

I like to know how to make a powerful spray can, I plan to use it for pepper spray so I would like the minimum possible risk of it blowing back in my face.


you could probably fairly easy fabricate your own refillable aerosol cannister. here's a pic of a really nice one from the eastwood company. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31qMfuTbihL._SL250_.jpg hope that helps

the minimum possible risk of it blowing back in your face is achieved by pointing it in the right direction.
Is this to be offensive or defensive?


It would be defensive of course, but I am also looking for maximum range.

Compressed gas.
I once added Ralgex to deodorant. the trick is to freeze thr receiving aerosol and warm the donor.

You could very probably easily modify a nozzle on a can of Ralgex or equivalent. But these are close-range things, they aren't right at dstance.


I'm working on a solution with CO2 canisters, should give me some decent range and little chance of blowback.


7 years ago

It doesn't need all that much pressure to prevent blow back, simply increase the size of the orifice so it streams out rather than atomizes.