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How to make a pressure gauge with a cut off valve for an air filled seat cushion? Gauge suppliers? Answered

I need a pressure gauge to take the guesswork out of filling a seat cushion to the proper level.  The pump is a push/pull pump that inflates on either stroke and has a rubber connector that just slips over the fill valve for the cushion that unscrews. 

It's a matter of comfort/stability/safety, where under/over inflation can impact the safety. currently it is done by "how does it feel" and physically feeling the firmness.  Both of them are subjective and can be wrong.  This is the reason for the gauge which would only vary in conjunction with the weight of the person sitting on it and air temp(altitude on rare instances).



As you said, this is subjective, and personal comfort is best regulated by the user. If you believe that there is one correct pressure for every individual - do you know what they are? There's little value in pumping to a specific pressure unless you've established that it is the right pressure.



8 years ago

 If you have a way to plumb in to the air line with ¼" pipe fittings, pressure relief valves can be purchased in 1 pound increments from 1 psi to a couple hundred psi. Motion Industries and WW Grainger both have them. Failing that try the yellow pages in your area for "Air Compressors."

So a pressure switch to turn off the pump ?