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How to make a quick release tripod plate? Answered

Me again. I have several tripods I've picked up from Goodwill, and guess what, they don't have the plates that screw onto the camera and clip on the tripod head. Anyone have ideas about a very sturdy alternative? Replacement parts are ridiculously expensive. I'm fooling around with hardware, and any input will be much appreciated. These need to support old-school VHS camcorders. Thanks.


The mounting plate should just be some wedge shaped piece of metal and through it one or two mounting bolts. There is a locking screw and a smaller "pin" to keep it from spinning in the mount. You could look at some of the tripod instructables to find out the size and thread of the bolt, I think is it fairly common at the hardware store. Make a cardboard mockup of the piece to fit and then you could machine or layer up sheets of aluminum stock that you could rivet together to get the inverted pyramid shape. If you have time, a file or a grinder to a piece of aluminum in a vise would be fairly easy to make. Good luck.

Thanks for the response - I don't have any way of machining metal, however your idea about a cardboard mockup is great. I'm hoping I can find some combination of hardware (the bolt size is easy. I could potentially grind something to size - you've given me some ideas to work on. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip. I made mine out of a block of wood with a 1/4 inch bolt; it is a snug fit and seems to hold the camcorder steady and MUCH cheaper than anything else I have seen on the internet which would probably not have fitted anyway!

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Here are a couple more suggestions: A piece of extruded aluminum channel of the right height and width could be cut to form a square. The U-shape would provide room for the camera screw to mount on the underside after drilling a hole.. A window installer or a hardware store might have a piece the right size. If the tripod’s receiving area isn’t a rectangle or a square you might try modifying a PVC pipe cap. There are many different types and sizes and PVC is easy to cut and drill with hand tools. If neither of those materials workout, try modifying a piece of hardwood. Good luck.