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How to make a remote controlled air horn from an android phone? Answered

Okay so my problem is as follows: my friend always needs a ride every week to dance so on my way I swing by and pick him up.  However he likes to take naps and is an incredibly deep sleeper so I thought it would be funny to install a remote controlled air horn to wake him up and relieve some of the irritation I get from him not being ready.

So my question is what would be the best way to go about this?
I have so far considered Bluetooth and even an arduino with a webserver but I kind of want to keep it as cheap as I can because its just to play a simple prank. So any ideas on how to go about this would be great.


P.S. If you used Arduino, when you were done pranking people or just your friend with it you could disassemble it and use the Arduino for a new project.

A search finds THIS.
I assume you plan to hide the air horn in their room, because if you keep setting an air horn off outside it will annoy the neighbors very quickly. Just steal the guts from an old RC car and attach the servo so that when you turn all the way in one direction the arm triggers the air horn.

You could get more complex by using an Arduino with a cheap Bluetooth module to run the servo and then control the whole thing with a smart phone.