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How to make a robot hand without using servo motors? Answered

I have lots of spare time but I don't have any money to afford small scale servo motors. I'm thinking to build a robot hand similar to the human hand without using servo motors. 
Objectives of the hand :
   -Should be able to handle it's own weight
   -Should be able to grab small weights 1grams to 5grams.
I'm planning to make the hand using only e-waste and this is the second reason I'm not using servo motors. (I'm from south Asia, there for it's hard to find servo motors in the e-waste.)
Can someone give me an advice or can someone tell me is it possible to make a robot hand without using any servo motors?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Any kind of motor that is powerful enough to handle the job can be used. You are not limited to servo or stepper motors. But using regular motors means you loose a lot of precision control or you have to adapt a system to track where the motor is at in its rotation. I've seen people use regular DC motors and a POT to help track where the motor is in its rotation.


6 years ago

A "servo" is any collection of a motor, an amplifier, and some feedback - you can find bits in video recorders and the like which will make great servos.

People get hung up on the little plastic boxes with white wheels on top....